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Problems and Bad Mood are 'ROOT HEALING Food'

Some Experiences leave behind negative 'Trapped Energy' (see explanation on the right). These 'cross-energies' interfere with proper body/mind functioning.

It is a common knowledge that our daily life can be strongly influenced by past traumas or other severe stress*.

Healing systems like TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction) etc. work with this.

Certain kinds of these traumas are now called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) The recognition of PTSD has grown exponentially - but its universalvalidity has not been fully seen yet, as little is still known about how things really work (outside of ROOT HEALING).

E.g. it is NOT the STORY itself which has this devastating effects.
It is the activation of the Big Brain with Thoughts and Symbols, the activation of the Middle Brain with low emotions and the triggering of the Survival Brain with its Survival Instincts and Basic Cell Reaction Energies, which are the 'life content' of a bad experience (all held together in pictures as 'frozen energy').

It is NOT the STORY TELLING that will best alleviate the situation. A methodical cleaning out of the basic thoughts and emotions, down to the hidden survival instincts and Basic Cell Reactions is a more comprehensive way to do this.

*The new science of EPIGENETICS shows us, that the reason for actual problems can lay far far back.... and can be repaired - even on the level of the  Genes.


What is a 'Trapped Energy'?

With 'Trapped Energy' we mean an energy with a certain frequency, a certain significance - a certain INTENTION which is to some degree 'alive'.

This is not 'Life Energy' - this is an energy that wants to control you.

Each such 'Energy' has its own 'signature' and can be small and unimportant or big and overwhelming.

The energy has either been created by yourself at a moment of distress - by pushing against the energies which were trying to harm you - or stems from someone/somewhere else and has itself attached to you.

The energy could only attach to you, if you subconsciously agreed to it (or were open for it) at some time in the past.


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Technical Information: More about Trapped Energies

We do not normally work with 'incidents' - but if it is necessary, we use TIER (Traumatic Incident ERasing).

Similarly it can be necessary to unburden a strong basic polarity in a session.
We then use DEEP PEAT PLUS.

Your ROOT HEALING Coach is trained to use both of these additional modalities.



If you know exactly where your problem comes from - then you are probably right, BUT you you do not have the full picture yet, or at least, the re-stimulated (switched on) Survival Instincts and Basic Cell Reaction Energies have not been reset and the Trapped Energy behind it all has not been fully cleaned out.


BECAUSE otherwise, there would nothing be left to bother you.

You would be in total control over this and there would be no symptoms of any kind left - and this is so much true, that you would probably forget you ever had this special problem - whatever it was.


Where the 'Energies' come from and how they get trapped

With 'Energy' we mean an energy with a certain frequency, a certain significance, which is NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

We do not speak of 'Life Energy' here, but energies which will attempt to 'change you'.

Energies from 'outside'
( E.g. from an other person) that attach to you:

This will only happen, if you have yourself the same or a similar 'frequency' within you as the outside energy.

If you do not accept it in some way (are not 'open to it' subconsciously) it will not attach.

Example: taking over an energy of the mother or of the father.

Energies from an overwhelming impact

It can be a trauma (e.g. an accident) or a severe overwhelm by an other Being.

(E.g. a rape or an otherwise degrading abuse).

The analytical mind, trying to analyze the consequences of this incidence for the future survival will be overwhelmed (the CPU will be overloaded).

It will shut down - and the much faster but simpler emergency-system (which works on a simple  identification-basis) takes over.

This 'Emergency System'
encapsulates the bad experience as a whole (mostly as pictures which contains all the sensations, thoughts, etc. etc. of an incident). It stores them for further use in a similar emergency situation.
We call this archive 'the subconscious'.


The person will make a 'postulate' - a decision which should help him to avoid a similar trauma in the future.

E.g.: "I will never again drive so fast in a rainy night".

But generally he will say: "It was bad luck. Life must go on."

But even this 'reasoning' happens pretty much subconsciously.

The activation of the 'Trapped Energy' - the 2nd Incident

A trapped energy like from a trauma is mostly harmless - as long as it's relevance has not been confirmed by a second similar incident - or when the person suffers a severe loss that reminds him of the same incident.

NOW it is proven to him, that his way of how to avoid such an incident from happening again - has not worked.

And it is proven that it was NOT only bad luck, but this is how life is on this planet: DANGEROUS !

Now he has NO SOLUTION
for this problem anymore and in trying to find a solution the initial impact keeps being re-stimulated. The pictures in it (frozen energy!) with the emotions and thoughts and significances wake up and trouble the person significantly.

Pushing against the activated 'Trapped Energy' creates BLOCKAGES - which lead to SYMPTOMS

This is the sequence:

1.  Impact/Foreign Energy
Through 'pushing against it' the energy gets trapped.

2. 2nd incident, 'no solution' - waking up of the trapped energy - permanent re-stimulation

3. Further pushing against the trapped energy (and its significances) creates blockages/symptoms.

4. This can lead to a  sickness of the body.

ROOT HEALING  is a new, very effective MULTILEVEL RELEASE RUNDOWN, freeing the blockages in
your body, your energy-body, your emotional body and your mental body. It works. Always.


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