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Our 'Practical-Work-Philosophy':

or the REAL SECRET why

At the beginning, behind any problem, there is a stuck or trapped Energy.

This "Trapped Energy" I do not further describe. It can be an Energy created by the client - it can be an Energy that docked on to the client. It can stem from this life-time, or earlier life-times or from far far back. It can have to do with the Genetic Line and the ancestors - or the Spirit-Line and and its implants.

It can be mainly a mass or mainly an intention, it can be seen as a 'living' entity - or whatsoever. No need to go deeper into that.

This "Trapped Energy" - when it goes through the 'prism of manifestation' splits up and appears (indirectly) in 3 basic colors:

- Thought
- Emotion (incl. Feelings & light Body Sensations) - and
- Efforts.

Efforts are heavy body sensations and basic urges, survival instincts (like 'hiding') and the Basic Cell Reaction Energies (Fight, Flight and Freeze).

(Images contain Thoughts/Emotions/Efforts as 'frozen energy').

These manifestations are the (indirect) creations and ANCHORs of the "Trapped Energy".

They make the intention of the energy (and the problem) real and influence the client. "Energy" going through the 'prism of manifestation' splits into the 3 basic 'colours' of Life:

We CAN confront (see it as it is)

- Thoughts (one at a time),
- Emotions (one at a time),
- Efforts (one at a time).

What we CAN NOT easily confront are STORIES woven out of many different types and shades of all of these together at the same time.

This is just TOO MUCH - because of the high complexity of all the data - and also, because the two poles of Thought and Effort reinforce each other.

The efforts will trigger the thoughts which will solidify the reality of the efforts (and justify the need to keep the experience in the system) - and the whole is glued together with emotions triggered from both sides.

A pretty much subconscious, stable and ongoing cycle.

Each of the 3 is used to validate the other two - and therefore a past negative experience can be very stable, very real, very frightening etc.

(It needs 3 things to keep something stable: a Polarity of two poles separated by a gradient-pattern - otherwise the two poles would discharge toward each other.)

The understanding of all that gives us the most simple and powerful tool: ROOT HEALING.

We divide and "conquer".

To clean up a problem we have to separate all related

- Thoughts
- Emotions
- Efforts

  (taking up ONE at a time).

When we clean all these things out, these anchors for the 'Trapped Energy', discharge all the Thoughts, Emotions and Efforts in regard to a problem - we can (with a special technique) then also clean out all the remains of the "Trapped Energy" itself - fully - and this works standard every time.

(A chronic problem might have several strands of similar "Trapped Energies", which will only come up one after the other, and it might therefore need between 1 to 5 sessions to FULLY clean out an old chronic (body) problem).