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The tricks and traps of the Mind    
What the Mind does Examples
Ignore the problem "Uff – how awful but that’s life. I’d better not stand on a scale again."
Find a positive side of the problem - relativate / invalidate the problem "At least I am not 120 kg yet like my neighbor." "This is just my body shape. Mentally I am very fit!" "Inside I still feel like a little boy."
Do a REVERSAL "So what? Big is beautiful!" "It’s all mine and I love it."
Substitute the problem The MIND presents you with something positive to look at instead of the negative problem. "Yes – I will have to look at this, but now there is ‘American Idol’ starting on TV. I can’t miss that." "I will soon be on holiday. Then there will be less stress and I will eat less. I love thinking about my holidays. I am going to Italy this time . . ."
Comfort yourself – with your addiction "I feel bad – I think I need a beer, a cigarette, sex or a cake! There is still some cake in the fridge."
Promise to do it later Lets you find a reason not to be able to do something about it NOW. The "do-it-later" syndrome. "Yes, I’ll go on a diet later. But Christmas is coming up, then New Year and then my sister’s birthday . . . In the meantime I might as well enjoy life…"
Attack something/someone else as the cause of the problem "Fast Food should be illegal ! It’s not ok to be tempted like that all the time!"
React with a ‘Command Phrase’ (Short phrases out of traumatic incidents). "I can’t do anything." "Nothing helps anymore." "It’s too late anyway." "It’s not worth it."
Using ‘Naming’ to give something a name simulates understanding and control "Now I am a ‘Cozy Teddy’ !" "People who don’t like me because I am a bit obese are IDIOTS anyway."
Seemingly using ‘Logic’ as a Justification "It is better to be big and healthy than thin and sick." "At least I’ll have some ‘reserves’ if I should get sick." "Obesity is normal. Over 35% in the USA are obese – we will soon be in the majority."
Using "Service Computations" Seemingly using ‘Logic’ (1+1=2) to make oneself right and others wrong "Obese people are happy people. I’m doing something good for others if I eat a lot, because then I am nicer to them."
Using Decisions made in earlier traumatic incidents "To eat is to survive." "Eating makes you strong and healthy!" "If you want to grow you have to eat."
Deciding to agree with a Morphic Field (agreeing with agreements of others) "I go to ‘Weight Watchers’ – even if it doesn’t help, at least they will understand me." "Now I’m in the ‘Happy Big Boys’ Club."

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