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What to do if you can not talk about a problem ?

Also called 'Blind' Processing or 'The Green Ball' Processing

Perhaps you have good reasons not to speak about something:
being too shy, wanting to protect someone else, confidentiality agreements, legal consequences if it would be known, etc. etc.

By itself this is not a problem. But if this ‘thing’ comes up again and again in your thoughts and feelings and makes you feel bad, then this means that subconscious material is attached and something should be done about it.

But what – as you cannot speak about it?

Here is how this is done:

A ROOT HEALING coach asks you to create a ‘ball’ in your mind / imagination - and to put anything having anything to do with the ‘thing you cannot speak about’ into this ball.

All: the story, the thoughts, the feelings, etc. – all goes into this Ball.
Now he asks you to give this ball a colour.

You might see it as a ‘Green Ball’….(or black or dark grey or whatever color it has for you).

Now the coach will refer in the process only to the ‘Green Ball’:

Why is it good for you to have this ‘Green Ball’?
“It makes me more careful…”

 “What feelings are connected to ‘Green Ball’? “

Etc. etc.

We will have a completely normal coaching session – as it is YOU who has to know what it is about, it is YOU who has to see why it  served you to keep this thing up in your mind, it is YOU who has to see which feelings and emotions are connected and let these flow out (here the coach will actively help), it is YOU who has to undo the connection to the Basic Cell Reactions (Fight, Flight, Freeze) in regard to this thing, etc. (again: with the help of the coach).

And in the end we will do the very special process where we go and clean out the remains of the ‘Trapped Energy’ that was behind it all… which will completely end all bad feelings and troubles in regard to this ‘thing’.

The coach does not need to know what the problem was. This is not necessary at all.




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